Serienummer per e-mail

News regarding electronic delivery & Subscription fulfillments:

On November 19, 2012 Autodesk will transition to electronic license and software delivery of our products. At that time, a serial number will no longer be attached on the product box. Instead it will be delivered to the customer in an email along with a link to download the product.

Customers will still be able to choose to order an optional media kit, although the serial number will only be sent electronically.

Autodesk® Subscription gives customers immediate access to the latest software upgrdes. Today, Subscription Software Coordinators can choose to have upgrades delivered via "box" or "download" and they can set their delivery preference in their Subscription Center profile.

As Autodesk strives to make it easier for customers and partners to do business with them, Subscription customers will continue to have the abillity to obtain upgrades via download or physical media. However, Autodesk are streamlining the delivery method and Subscription customers in most countries (see list below) will receive their upgrade via download as the default method of delivery. These same customers will still be able to request physical media, if needed once the upgrde has been fulfilled, at no additional charge. These same customers will no longer be able to set their delivery preference.

Autodesk will inform affected Subscription customers closer to the implementation date via email.

The following countries do not have to set delivery preference. They will receive future upgrades via download by default and if required, can request physical media at no charge.

- Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway & Sweden.